Welcome to my blog! I'm a Cinematographer, Designer, Photographer, Creative Director all rolled into one. I use this site to blog about my most interesting projects, so please take your time to look through my work. It's split into relevant sections so that you can easily find your way around. Or go straight to my showreel - its my CV in a video format.
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Rajhiv's pre-wedding celebrations

Rajhiv’s pre-wedding celebrations

A pre-wedding party is the key highlight of any Indian wedding, the banter between the maternal and paternal sides, the jaggo, the giddha, the drink which leads to the sore head, the dancing which leads to sore feet and the lack of sleep which leads to bags under the eyes is all the perfect way...
Ross & Kiran's Wedding

Ross & Kiran’s Wedding

Now what do we say about this couple… they are fun loving, warm, easy going, entertaining, welcoming and the list goes on. This wedding was not about the coming together of two different ethnicities or cultures. This wedding was about the celebration of two souls that started off as friends and then (re)united as though...
The Crawfords - A Wedding Tale

The Crawfords – A Wedding Tale

‘The Crawfords’ is a comical yet touching wedding tale of the West meeting the East, and the trials and tribulations of wedding planning faced by Kiran & Ross. The couple wanted to create something that would make their guests laugh and that was personal to them. We worked with them to develop a story and...
Simon & Guppy's out takes

Simon & Guppy’s out takes

We had such a good time filming ‘Happily ever after’ with Simon and Guppy that we just had to share the out takes! The out takes are little snippets from throughout the day that made us laugh and giggle. We’d like to say a big thank you to the amazing couple — Simon & Guppy....
Simon & Guppy's entrance video

Simon & Guppy’s entrance video

‘Happily ever after’ is a short film we produced which was played prior to the entrance of this fabulous couple at their wedding reception. Its a compilation of tongue-in-cheek, slightly cheeky scenarios that the couple may encounter after the big day is over and reality of married life kicks in. Its personalised to their individual...
Kanchan & Naresh's Wedding

Kanchan & Naresh’s Wedding

A glorious summer in 2012 and we had the pleasure in filming and documenting the wedding of Kanchan and Naresh. Four fun filled days of religious events to pre wedding party. A very warm and sweet family which we captured on film. Once again we were armed with the  Canon 5D3 and Canon 7D and...
Puja & Amit Engagement

Puja & Amit Engagement

Nearing the end of 2012, Puja & Amit, a lovely couple had their Indian engagement (Chunni) at Venue 5 in Eastcote, Middlesex. We documented the nights events which included the Indian priest and his prayers and then followed an evening of fun, love and dancing thought ought the early hours. The  Canon 5D3 and Canon...
Rakesh & Bhavini Wedding

Rakesh & Bhavini Wedding

Bhavini and Rakesh had an amazing wedding, which started at the awe inspiring  Neasden temple and then followed by the civil wedding in Stanmore. A small close nit wedding which had an array of characters thoughought the wedding. Both families showed as much love to their son and daughter. We captured the wedding with the...
Mera Viyah Promo

Mera Viyah Promo

Angela, the owner of Mera Viyah who specialises in couture make-up, commissioned me to produce a promotional video showcasing her talents. I spent the day with Angela and her team filming at the recent wedding fair in Birmingham. Impressive transformational skills were admired by all visitors to the fair and captured here. View below:
Introducing Kolourinas

Introducing Kolourinas

When my cousins decided to open up there own make-up business I was thrilled for them and excited about their upcoming adventure. They’re a young, bold and funky pair of sisters with a creative flair to match. They wanted bold, different and colourful… We worked on their branding and developed their business name and logo which...
Martin & Libby's Wedding Photography

Martin & Libby’s Wedding Photography

Martin and Libby’s beautiful service took place at Holy Trinity Church, Holmer Green followed by a lovely reception at Monkey Island in Maidenhead. When the best friends of my brother-in-law asked me to document their wedding I was honoured and jumped at the opportunity. Martin and Libby are a young and confident couple whose commitment to...
Cinematic Church Wedding

Cinematic Church Wedding

During the month of May I was fortunate to film and document the lovely wedding of Cress & Sam in Alton. A solo shoot I was equipped with my Canon 5D MkIII, 7D and host of my lenses. Having embarked into full frame I’ve really seen a difference in quality and progressing my style. This...